VSE Corporation Subsidiary Energetics Wins Bid to Administer DOE Solar Decathlon

ALEXANDRIA, Va.-- VSE Corporation (NASDAQ: VSEC) reported today that its subsidiary, Energetics Incorporated, has received an award to serve as the administrator of the Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Decathlon for 2017 and 2019. The Solar Decathlon is a biannual competition that showcases innovative solar-powered houses designed, built, and operated by collegiate teams. The winner of the competition is the team that best blends technology, market potential and design excellence with smart energy production and maximum efficiency. The Solar Decathlon facilitates public-private partnerships, increases awareness of alternative energy options, and contributes to the clean energy economy.

This is the first time the Solar Decathlon will be administered by an independent party. As the program administrator, Energetics will oversee all aspects of project management, university competition, site operations and logistics, event production, sponsorship recruitment, educational outreach and communications as well as designing activities to increase public engagement. Energetics has partnered with the City of Denver, a leader in protecting resources, air and shared natural spaces, and a pioneer in alternative transportation and innovating the ways workplaces and neighborhoods develop and thrive. Along with the City of Denver, the Energetics team includes Building Media, Inc. (BMI), Center for Science Teaching and Learnings (CSTL), Confluence Communications, D+R International, GreenBuilder Media, MC-2 and Norton Energy Research and Development (NERD). Energetics’ Building Energy Solutions Division, led by Leslie Nicholls, is leading this effort for Energetics.

“Energetics is excited to serve as the program administrator for the upcoming Solar Decathlon competitions, working alongside the U.S. Department of Energy, the City of Denver and our highly talented project team members,” said Nancy Margolis, Energetics President. “Energetics submitted a proposal that captures the spirit of this important event as collegiate teams collaborate on practices in solar energy, energy efficiency, and the visionary designs created by the future of industry leadership.”

“Energetics is proud to provide expertise in logistics and operations for important events that foster the nation’s growth in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM),” added VSE CEO Maurice “Mo” Gauthier. “We look forward to building upon the DOE’s existing priorities in energy leadership and STEM education efforts that support the efficient and sustainable use of natural resources.”

About Energetics

Energetics Incorporated, a wholly owned subsidiary of VSE Corporation, is a technical and management consulting firm headquartered in Columbia, Maryland. Energetics specializes in a range of energy, environmental, and infrastructure protection and resilience issues. Its staff of engineers, scientists, economists, policy and business analysts, environmental specialists and marketing professionals assists public and private-sector clients with the management of research, development and demonstration programs; project management; strategic and tactical planning; engineering, economic, and environmental analysis; development of public/private partnerships; and outreach and communications. For more information on the Solar Decathlon, see www.solardecathlon.gov or contact Energetics at SDrules@energetics.com. To learn more about the services and products provided by Energetics, please see the company's web site at www.energetics.com.

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