WHEELER BROS., INC. Receives United States Postal Service Supplier Superior Performance Award

Six Time Winner in USPS Supplier Performance Awards Program

ALEXANDRIA, Va.-- VSE Corporation (NASDAQ: VSEC) is pleased to announce that wholly owned subsidiary Wheeler Bros., Inc. (WBI), received one of three prestigious Key Supplier awards at the 2011 USPS Supplier Performance Awards ceremony at the USPS Headquarters in Washington, DC, April 23.

Key Suppliers are categorized among the top 90 company suppliers for the USPS and ranked in terms of superior supply chain performance and delivering optimum solutions that reduce costs, enhance performance, maintain high levels of service and provide innovative and sustainable solutions. Key Suppliers are included in the USPS Category Sourcing Strategy Plan (CSSP). A total of nine companies were recognized in six different categories.

WBI supplies vehicle parts to the Department of Defense and is the primary supplier of truck parts to the USPS, which has the largest commercial vehicle fleet in the world. To put the award into context, during fiscal year 2011, the Postal Service spent over $12.3 Billion for transportation, supplies, services, facilities and equipment with a supplier base that included over 20,000 suppliers. Wheeler Bros., Inc. is one of only nine companies being recognized this year.

“Your continued innovative ideas will help the Postal Service grow the business, improve the customer experience and help make us leaner, faster, smarter and greener,” said Deputy Postmaster General Ronald A. Stroman. “Your partnership has enabled us to accomplish good things and I appreciate that you’ve given your best to the Postal Service and to the American people.”

“VSE acquired WBI in June of last year, so despite going through the rigors of being acquired, Wheeler Bros. Inc. continued to provide their USPS customers with outstanding service. WBI lives and breathes customer service every day,” said VSE CEO Maurice “Mo” Gauthier. During the acquisition process, the VSE and WBI team were awarded the USPS contract for a Repowered Fuel – Efficient Gasoline Long Life Vehicle (LLV).

WBI President Randy Davies added, “Wheeler Bros., Inc. is honored to win its sixth U.S. Postal Service Supplier Performance Award. This top recognition is a result of our dedicated employees and the excellent partnership that the U.S. Postal Service and WBI have formed over the past 23 years. Our commitment to extending the life of the Postal vehicle fleet through quality products and supply chain services has truly been a cooperative effort resulting in a win-win for everyone involved. ”

For more information on Wheeler Bros., Inc., headquartered in Somerset, PA, please visit their web site at www.teamwbi.com.

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